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Reports generated from May 21, 2018 to 3:00 AM PDT on June 1, may not reflect all test events. If you uploaded test events and ordered reports on the these days, please generate the reports again after 3:00 AM PDT on June 1 to ensure that it includes all test events.
June 30, 2018 is the last day you will be able to access Client-server MAP Reports Web, your data must be transitioned to MAP Growth for continued access. June 22, 2018 is the final day for submitting your transition survey to have your data moved. Client-server MAP was replaced by MAP Growth in 2013. Please contact your NWEA Account Manager before June 22 if you need assistance.
TestTaker and other Downloads
Access to NWEA Reports and TestTaker requires partner login. Enter your User Name and Password in the fields above to access and download TestTaker and MAP for Primary Grades audio files through this secure login. Reports are accessible to those authorized.
MAP for Primary Grades
MAP for Primary Grades tests provide teachers with an efficient way to assess ability levels of early learners so they can spend less time on individual diagnostics and more time teaching. The MAP for Primary Grades reports display data from the Screening and Skills Checklist tests giving teachers excellent tools for planning differentiated instruction. And, it is even easier to do curriculum planning based on your students’ survey with goals test results now that the Primary Grades Instructional Data statements are directly linked to the Class Breakdown by Goal report. To learn more about MAP for Primary Grades, click here.
Primary Grades Instructional Data
Primary Grades Instructional Data presents concepts and skills in emerging literacy and numeracy that are critical to young learners. In addition, now that their students’ scores are linked directly to the relevant Primary Grades Instructional Data statements through the Instructional Resources (Class by RIT) reports, teachers can more easily target appropriate and relevant instruction for each student or group of students.
Dynamic reporting suite: Charting the course to growth
The dynamic reporting suite available on our new reporting platform simplifies data analysis for principals and teachers by presenting information relative to growth, proficiency, and norms. In addition, the new suite includes classroom tools to apply test scores directly to instruction. For more information, click here.
Knowledge Academy Online Training
This series of online courses is designed to support districts in developing capacity for on-going training and staff development. These short, self-paced trainings will serve as a complement to our on-site trainings. For more information, please click here.
DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning.
DesCartes now includes skills and concepts for the two science scales: concepts and processes and general science. Access DesCartes by using your Reports Site log on. (DesCartes requires a license to use.)

Annotated Reports
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